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Higher efficiency. Better data. Faster throughput. Fewer mistakes with less waste. Production problems caught and fixed (or even prevented) early, rather than discovered after the damage has been done. That’s the dream.

But if you want that the highest level of quality control, you’ll need a statistical process control (SPC) system that’s robust, easy to use, highly accurate, integrated with systems across your enterprise, and relevant for your unique processes.

In short, you need an SPC solution from Business Intelligence Solutions.

  • Automatic collection. Easily schedule automatic samples based on production conditions on the floor. You can also set up notifications and alerts to ensure samples are taken and approved on time, and determine what happens if samples are overdue.
  • Automatic signal evaluation. No human intervention is necessary when processes stray from acceptable limits. The SPC system will identify them and send alerts when variations get out of control. You set the parameters and you decide how those notifications are sent, who gets them, whether or not production is automatically halted, etc.
  • Analysis and charting. What do you do with all that data? Automatically create and share customized and up-to-date tables, charts, and graphs with your workforce that presents exactly the data they need, at exactly the right time, in a format that’s clearly understandable and actionable.
  • Seamless integration. Pull and collect data from any platform or source—lab instruments, PLCs, USB, web, external databases, mobile devices and more. Then, integrate that data seamlessly with other elements of your business systems (OEE, recipe management, ERP applications, etc.) so you can collaborate more, make faster decisions, and avoid unnecessary double work.

We’d love to help you get set up so you can get your team and your equipment operating at peak capacity. Give us a call today to learn more!

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