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The more efficient your equipment is, the greater your profitability.

That’s an obvious point, of course. But in practice, it’s not as simple as it sounds. How do you know the best way to evaluate operating efficiency? How do you target key areas for improvement that will have the biggest impact on not just efficiency, but also profitability?

Our tools for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and downtime tracking will get you the data you need to make informed, intelligent decisions on improving your efficiency. You can easily view stats on everything from a single machine to your entire facility—all in real time.

Automatically Track the Stats that Matter

The system makes it easy—no need for time-consuming, error-prone manual entry or interpretation. And OEE is clearly broken into its constituent components:

  • Availability: What percentage of the scheduled time was the machine actually operating? Is unplanned downtime cutting into your efficiency?
  • Rate Performance: How many units is the equipment designed to produce in a given timeframe, and how many units did it actually produce?
  • Quality: Of the units that were produced, how many passed quality inspection? How many had to be reworked or scrapped due to not meeting standards? 

The overall OEE score takes all three factors into account. But the more granular data will tell more than just whether or not your equipment is performing up to acceptable standards; it will also tell you where and how you’re losing efficiency, and what to do about it.

You can also drill down to see not only the percentage of downtime, but also analyze the top causes of downtime. This uses automatic reason detection with manual override when necessary (for example, to provide specifics on why a manual stop was activated).

You can even store pre-set efficiency specifications for each production line, so you calculate and compare efficiency rates more accurately and expedite scheduling.

Use Your Information Intelligently

OEE software comes with built-in scheduling functions, so you can synchronize production and maintenance efficiently, and instantly distribute those changes to all relevant departments. Even when production schedules change at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, you can still ensure updates and alerts are sent in a timely fashion.

You can also track progress and manage work orders within the application, so you always know where you stand—how many units are completed, in process, or yet to be scheduled. Your enterprise resource planning has access to that information in real time—rather than yesterday’s (or last week’s) data.

And all the information is sent to customizable dashboards so that you can filter, compare, and analyze everything quickly and effectively and create custom reports—even down to operator or shift level.

Or in other words? More uptime. Greater efficiency. Higher profitability.

Give Business Intelligence Solutions a call today—let’s get started on building you a better, more intelligent way to calculate and to improve your equipment efficiency.

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