About us

At Business Intelligence Solutions, we’re passionate about one thing above all else: connectivity.

Our goal is simple: get your people the data they need, when they need it, so they can make informed business and production decisions to maximize profitability.

In far too many businesses, the team working with the equipment on the production floor is out of sync with the management and enterprise planners. Different departments are working from different data sources. Scheduling is a nightmare. And every minute of lost efficiency can be costly.

We’re here to change that. And you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get started.

Business Intelligence Solutions was founded in 2011 to provide powerful solutions that require a low initial investment, yet are robust and flexible enough to scale to the enterprise level. Our system has been applied to all ranges of applications—everything from small job shops to huge pharma companies.

Harnessing automated data from the factory floor with unlimited clients, unlimited tags, and web-launched software can help you get everyone from the front office to those on the plant floor on the same page, and take your organization to the next level.

Whether you need production monitoring, recipe systems, quality / SPC, or work instructions, give us a call and find out how easy (and affordable) it can be.

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