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Solutions and Systems

BIS, LLC has designed off-the-shelf systems that combine powerful, highly-configurable functionality with quick start up and low cost. You don’t need three servers, four software packages, tens of thousands of dollars in software licensing, and weeks of custom integration services, to start utilizing business intelligence!

Below is a short list of standard solutions that can be utilized immediately. The solutions are made to build on each other so that you can build your system at your pace and your budget.

Data Collection Hardware

Data Collection Box

Type 12 enclosure with 8 port multi-block using M12 connectors for easy collection of signals from plant floor equipment. Default is relay or PNP sensor connections. 120VAC cord and RJ45 port on bottom of enclosure.

Data Reporting and Analysis Hardware

Basic All-In-One PC

This Windows PC with SQL Server will provide you with the basics necessary to track data from data collection boxes.

Performance PC

High-Performance Desktop PC provides plenty of power and room to grow your data-driven solutions.

Data Reporting and Analysis Software Clients

Base System - Unlimited Work Center Utilization

Automatically capture Real-time Status Timelines, Cycle Rates, and Run Utilization, reported on a single client station. Licensing for unlimited work centers is included. Recommended with a Data Collection Box(es) and PC options above.

Unlimited Client License

View system reports and configure the system from any PC on the network with this unlimited client license.

Work Center Floor Client

Allow the operator to select Work Orders and downtime reasons at the work center in real time for the most accurate data entry, as well as give the operator immediate feedback in production status.

Data Reporting and Analysis Software

State Reason / Category Downtime Analysis

Configure state reasons and categories by work center type, and assign these reasons to the downtime events being automatically captured by the system. Run reports to analyze the causes of machine downtime and to understand the steps required to increase productivity.

Reject Reason / Category Analysis

Configure reject reasons and categories by work center type, and assign these reasons to the reject counts being manually entered or automatically captured by the system. Run reports to analyze the main cause of quality issues.

Operation / OEE Analysis

Using the administrative screens, define Work Orders, Start / Stop times, Ideal Cycle Rates, and Reject quantities to get a picture of Work Center OEE and job performance. This module requires the Base System.

Andon / Notification

Virtual Andon System

Stop using single station white-boards for work center status! Get everyone on the same page, from production, maintenance, engineering, operators, and management, in real time. Users can change work center state and comments from their station, and all stations are updated immediately. Also view historical status reports for past status information. This module requires the Unlimited Client License.

Andon Display

Display the Virtual Andon status, Status Timeline, or OEE Data in real-time back to the plant floor. This includes a 47” LED television, mounting bracket, and Windows 7 microcomputer mounted to the back. This option requires the Base System, Virtual Andon System, or the OEE Analysis module, depending on the content to be displayed.

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