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Get the most from your data – get the most from your business.

BIS, LLC leverages automation to collect data from multiple sources, integrate that data with other business systems, and view that data in a meaningful way to harness the power of fact-based decision making.

Why choose BIS systems?

Unlimited Assets / Tags / Clients

Stop trying to pick and choose and start monitoring and improving!

Scalable Architecture

Our system has been applied to all ranges of applications, from small job shops to huge pharma companies. Our simplified architecture doesn’t require three different servers, either…

Web-based clients

Focus your time on making improvements, not managing all of your software installations and version updates.

Get it together!

Business Intelligence Solutions has the certified SCADA expertise to design a system that works for your business.

Do you need a low-cost system to prove ROI?

Start by monitoring utilization of unlimited assets with a single reporting client for less than $5,000, using an enterprise-class SCADA system from the start. Don’t buy a cheap system that is only an island of data and have to restart the project to do it right!